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6/10/2013An Energy Audit Will Help You Save Money
One of the best ways a company can go green is by having an in-depth energy audit performed on their equipment and building.

6/6/2013The Best Indiana Electrical Contractors Around
Electrical construction takes a certain skill set that you need to make sure is up to snuff. After all, there?s a lot riding on having the design/build processes go smoothly.

6/3/2013Electric Motor Repair Easily Performed by Koontz-Wagner
Every now and then, your electrical motor will reach a point where it will need some maintenance or repair work. Our engineers can help you with this.

4/26/2013We?ve got the Best Servo Motor Repair in Indiana
Whether you need servo motor repair as part of a preventative maintenance plan or an emergency repair, Koontz-Wagner?s Maintenance Division is up to the task.

4/22/2013Preventative Maintenance is the Best Way to Prolong the Life of your Equipment
It's that time again to service your electric motors with a little preventive maintenance. Our engineers are ready to help you keep your motors in motion.

4/15/2013Comprehensive Low Voltage Services
Here at Koontz-Wagner we offer a variety of professional services; one in particular is our low voltage services.

4/12/2013The Best Indiana Electrical Contractor Available
Koontz-Wagner, an electrical contractor in Indiana, is one of the best-known full service electrical contracting companies in the nation.

4/8/2013Energy Audit?s are Perfect for Saving Money
With the current economic environment your plant has to run as efficient as possible. One area to address is your energy consumption.

4/5/2013Trust your Servo Motor Repair to the Experts
If you need your servo motor repaired, there are no better technicians to hire than ours here at Koontz-Wagner.

4/5/2013Fully Customizable Electrical Equipment Buildings
We can create fully integrated electrical equipment buildings or stand-alone buildings.

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