Prevent Vibration Damage to your Motors


By having your motors routinely inspected, you can help to ward off unforeseen repairs. Vibration, unchecked, will slowly damage your motor assembly reducing efficiency, increasing operating costs, and ultimately shortening your motor's life-cycle. Scheduled data collection by our certified Category III Vibration Analysts will prolong motor life and prevent disastrous results.

Our vibration condition and diagnostics fulfill the requirements of ISO/FDIS 18436-2. We support additional design standards such as QS 9000 programs. Using our reliable motor vibration analysis tools you can get a routine predictive maintenance plan (PMP) with quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly reporting. We perform onsite assessment of your capital equipment, as well as onsite balancing of rotating motor equipment.

Catch those deteriorating conditions before motor function is irreversibly impacted. Trust the experts in our Construction Division to give you the data and planning you need to make timely mechanical maintenance instead of expensive emergency repairs. Contact us today.

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