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8/1/2013Prevent Vibration Damage to your Motors
By having your motors routinely inspected, you can help to ward off unforeseen repairs. Talk to our experts today to find out how.

7/29/2013Is your Servo Motor in Need of Repair? We're your People
We offer comprehensive service by our skilled technicians to analyze your servo motor and determine its point of failure and repair it quickly.

7/25/2013Extend the Life of your Electric Motors with a Preventive Maintenance Plan
Maintenance plays a vital role in keeping your equipment running without costly breakdowns. That's where our engineers can help.

7/18/2013For All your Low Voltage Needs, Look to Koontz-Wagner
Are you looking to have new low voltage wiring installed in your building? Our talented electricians can help you with the design and installation for any of your low voltage needs.

7/15/2013Talk with Indiana?s Best Electrical Contractors
Partner with an Indiana electrical contractor that knows how to get things done ? the right way! Partner with Koontz-Wagner.

7/11/2013Energy Audits Will Help Lower your Power Consumption and Overhead
Maximize your profits by lowering your power usage and utility bills. Koontz-Wagner can help you with an energy audit today.

6/27/2013Vibration Analysis Will Help Extend the Life of Your Motors
When you schedule a vibration analysis for your motors, you're taking a good first step into making sure that it stays in peak operating procedure.

6/24/2013Keep the Power On with an Uninterruptible Power Supply
Power is a vital component of nearly every business. Keep the juice flowing with an uninterruptible power supply from Koontz-Wagner.

6/20/2013Preventive Maintenance Can Save You Money
Preventive maintenance can go a long way towards keeping your operating costs down and production time high.

6/13/2013Low Voltage Services from the Experts at Koontz-Wagner
We here at Koontz-Wagner have a wide variety of low voltage services available to the northern Indiana and southern Michigan area.

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