Industry Solutions
Industry Solutions

State of the Art Equipment

Advanced Technology - to Keep You Competitive

Even with the considerable experience of our designers, electrical engineers, systems engineers, computer specialists, and technicians, the entire team at Koontz-Wagner is committed to keeping pace with advancing technology.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art, enabling us to handle virtually any kind of ?

  • troubleshooting, repairing, and rebuilding, including servo motor repair
  • preventative and predictive maintenance
  • diagnostic services to industrial plants, steel and paper mills, power plants, utilities, and institutional and commercial buildings
  • rotating electrical and mechanical equipment, transformers, pumps, switchgear, drives, and electronics
  • laser alignment
  • vibration analysis and online monitoring, including cross-channel and transient analysis as well as multi-plane and dynamic balancing (Vibration Institute Category III Vibration Analysts)
  • thermography/infra-red scanning
  • balancing
  • circuit-breaker testing
  • field rewinding
  • ultrasound leak detection
  • oil analysis and testing
  • crane inspection
  • and many other services


  • Transportation provided by 7 radio-dispatched service trucks, 5 dual tandem-axle flatbed trucks, and 4 line trucks
  • In-shop lifting capabilities of 50 tons, plus six additional small overhead cranes, multiple jib cranes, and specialty rigging for larger units
  • Twenty-two-foot undertook in two bays, plus 12-foot additional pit height for servicing taller equipment
  • Self-contained small motor department
  • Environmentally controlled facility for customer motor storage
  • Program


  • AC full-voltage testing to 7200 volts - higher voltages attainable with portable transformer
  • Full voltage testing of DC equipment to 1000 volts
  • Two Multi Amp Breaker test sets, up to 100,000 amp capability
  • Core loss and electronic core imperfection detection capabilities
  • P&J® and Baker® surge comparison test sets
  • Multiple AC and DC hi-potential test sets to 120KV DC capability
  • Electronics lab and test facility in-house


  • Eight-foot diameter Vacuum Pressure Impregnation tank for impregnation of rewound equipment
  • Insulating varnish dipping tanks available to 10' x 8' x 8'
  • Multiple bake ovens up to 16' high, 14' wide, and 22' long
  • Temperature- and flame-controlled roasting oven with flash heat stop - 8' wide, 10' deep, and 8' high


  • Three computerized balance stands with up to 25,000 lb. rotating element capability
  • Load testing with dynamometer, up to 4,000 ft./lb.
  • Ten lathes, 10" swing to 110" swing, with 33-foot center-to-center capability


  • Large variety of portable test equipment for field service available
  • Portable corn cob blaster, shot blasters, and steam cleaners available for field service activities
  • Portable undercutters, compounds, silver plater, and welding equipment


  • Three CSI® portable vibration analysis equipment systems
  • Two portable laser alignment equipment systems - Optalign® and Turbalign®
  • Mikron® infrared thermography equipment
  • Baker® comprehensive motor performance monitoring equipment

Given our experience, our expertise, and the quality of our equipment, you can why so many customers contact Koontz-Wagner for all their electrical contracting maintenance services.