Field Service

Vibration Analysis

Our vibration analysis services consist primarily of collecting data designed to trend equipment performance. Scheduled data collection of this sort exposes deteriorating conditions and allows the scheduling of maintenance prior to equipment failure and forced downtime. With timely mechanical maintenance, you can prolong equipment life and prevent catastrophic failure.

We offer...

  • Vibration Institute-certified Category III Vibration Analysts
  • Vibration condition monitoring and diagnostics in accordance with the requirements of ISO/FDIS 18436-2
  • Routine predictive maintenance programs (PMPs) - quarterly, alternate month, or monthly
  • Onsite assessment of capital equipment
  • Onsite balancing of rotating equipment
  • Three sets of CSI vibration analysis equipment
  • Programs that can be designed to support ISO and QS 9000 programs

For further information on our vibration analysis field services, contact Koontz-Wagner.