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Servo Motor Repair

Our expert servo motor repair services cover :

  • A.C. Brushless Servo
  • D.C. PM Servo
  • Stepper Motors
  • Encoder and Resolver testing and alignment
  • Hall Sensor testing and alignment
  • Tachogenerator testing
  • Brake testing
  • Complete inspection and thorough testing of all servo motors

Unless your servo motor repair project is an emergency, the repair cost will be quoted before any work is done.

While we're test-running your servo motor, we'll make sure it runs smoothly and that no vibration is detected. The shaft run-out, endplay, and radial play also are checked with a dial indicator and the results are documented.

Please note that rotor balancing is not performed on every motor but is available upon request.

In general, our servo motor repair process involves:

  1. Testing stator windings and the feedback device
  2. Test-running the servo motor and documenting RPMs, volts, and AMPs for comparison after the motor has been repaired
  3. Checking the counter EMF or BEMF
  4. Testing the holding brake
  5. Disassembling the motor
  6. Cleaning and/or sandblasting, then inspecting all parts and components individually
  7. Washing and baking the stator or rewind stator
  8. Testing stator windings again
  9. Checking end frames and machine end frames, if applicable
  10. Replacing bearings
  11. Checking rotor security to shaft and balancing rotor, if applicable
  12. Inspecting o-rings, gaskets, and seals and replacing them, if needed
  13. Assembling the motor, including installing and aligning the feedback device or devices
  14. Test-running the servo motor, documenting RPMs, volts, and AMPs, checking endplay, radial play, and runout
  15. Painting the servo motor

For further information on our servo motor repair services, contact Koontz-Wagner. And be sure to review the following data sheets: